Media Relations

My name is Malrissa.
I am a child of Vodou, a tree hugger, nature lover, poet, creator, and respecter of all things magical. I have a deep love for my roots, stemming out of Burlington Vermont and Arcahaie, Ayiti. I am the flower forever in bloom.
My ancestors have been calling me to the spiritual world ever since I was a little girl. I am here to continue sharing my energy and spreading my light with my brothers and sisters and be a positive role model for the next and future generations.
I have attended Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont to become a teacher. I am a General Manager of a popular South Florida package chain, a certified and/or licensed Leadership Counselor, CNA, Bartender, and Real Estate Agent. I create jewelry, lotions, head wraps, and tout bagay magical.
Ayibobo along the path to Ginen 🙏🏽